• NEPAL: Villagers, “Nobody Cares About Us”

    As anticipated days ago, we said you would be hearing much of the news, from and about, Kathmandu and not from outlying villages.  There have been some unbelievable Kathmandu stories of rescue, especially children.  One such story is that of the 15 year old that was trapped under rubble for 5 days.  Did you see

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  • NEPAL: Will We Get To Remote Villages In Time?

    Sadly the death toll is rising, from 1,700 to 3,000 and now at the time of this writing 4,600.   This number is expected to rise, and possibly rise dramatically (see issues facing first responders below).  Regarding children, two figures have been reported (both by UNICEF); 1 million children have been put in peril, and upwards

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  • NEPAL: 1 Million Children In Peril

    940,000 children are living in areas strongly compromised by Nepal’s recent earthquake with some 60 aftershocks. While the focus will be most assuredly on a rising death toll, HURDUU will maintain its focus and updates on the effects this natural disaster is having on the children of Nepal. Reports from the area include: reducing water

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