NEPAL: Villagers, “Nobody Cares About Us”

As anticipated days ago, we said you would be hearing much of the news, from and about, Kathmandu and not from outlying villages.  There have been some unbelievable Kathmandu stories of rescue, especially children.  One such story is that of the 15 year old that was trapped under rubble for 5 days.  Did you see the picture of Sonit Awal a four “month” old baby pulled from rubble…rightly called a “miracle.”  Photo: Amul Thapa/ via AP.
However, we are not hearing much about the surrounding villages, home to some 2.5 million people, including 1 million children.  The problem is that since Saturday’s earthquake, the most villages have yet to receive any assistance.
According to 65-year-old Rita Danwar of Banghar, “We’ve given up hope.  Nobody cares about us.”  Santa Bahadur Rai, 66, like many poor people here who are already in debt, is forlorn. Built of wet mud, rocks and wood, his two-story house was no match for the power of the quake.
All his cattle and goats are dead, crushed under the rubble. His six-month supply of food, carefully stored away, is gone too.“All that remains here are the broken bricks, sand and some wooden beams. We’ve lost everything,” Rai says. “There are other villages like ours where they are also suffering alone.” (Naresh Newar, IRIN).
“One government official came and took some of our names, but he left so fast without even registering all our names and we never heard from his office,” he says. (Naresh Newar, IRIN).
“The only help they have received so far is some tarpaulin sheets given to them by a road construction contractor, Rai says.”(Naresh Newar, IRIN).
Banghar is approximately 100 kilometers or 60 miles from Kathmandu.

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