Millions of Children Are Suffering in Iraq and Syria: UNICEF Reports

14 million children are suffering in Iraq and Syria, according to a report by UNICEF today (photo by Associated Press).   A list of atrocities to children listed in the press release:
7.6 million children (5.6 million in Syria and 2.0 million in Iraq) are refugees.
2 million children are trapped in areas that cannot be reached regularly by aid groups
the number of needing aid has increased by 33% in just one year.
requests for access by humanitarian groups is being ignored.
funding for aid agencies has fallen dramatically
68 schools were attacked in 2014.
children are not only affected by war, but they are becoming the perpetrators.



This photo by Bryan Denton of the New York Times does what it can to depict the chaos and suffering.  Please note this is on the good side (Turkish border) of the events that are unfolding.
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